My dressing/stuffing is always a winner. Pretty much follow the recipe on the Pepperidge Stuffing mix bag but I add chopped apple, craisins, Jimmy Dean Sausage and an egg to hold it all together along with onion, celery and chicken broth. Roasted two chickens this year since visitors have aversion to turkey.

Ina Garten's recipe for turkey gravy (substituting drippings from roast chicken) turned out better than I expected, even my fussy granddaughter heated-up the leftover mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch today.

Hope you had a pleasant day at home.

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Was a bit weary of all the Thanksgiving table talk so decided for the evening meal to do liver and onions for one in my own fashion. Had pork liver from the local farmer's market ( Harmony Ridge Farms) so thawed it and then soaked in milk for a couple of hours. Had an iron skillet with cover. Drizzled bottom with olive oil. Sliced a large sweet onion (two would be fine) very thin and filled the bottom of the skillet with it. Poured the milk from the liver, coated it generously with Adluh seafood breader, and placed the strips of pork liver atop the onions.. Poured chicken broth in skillet until it barely covered the bottom of the liver. Sprinkled plain flour over the liver and onions until it was completely covered. Covered the skillet, placed in 350 degree over for about an hour. Doesn't sound like it would work, but it does! Amazing liver with onion gravy. Served over saffron rice with eastern NC corn pone made in my mother's vintage griddle on stove top. Delightful way to end Turkey Day....provided you are a liver fan!

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