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Mar 14, 2022Liked by Hanna Raskin

Hi Girl--good --no, great article Thought I would mention this to you...Remember The Dairy Bar first on S.Main Street behind the Capitol and then on Main Street in front of the Capitol ? That was owned by Jack Provost--He was my partner for 17 years. We moved to Edisto and he opened The Ruby SeaHorse..Pimiento Cheeseburgers were served, using his Grand Mama's pimiento cheese recipe that I have not shared. He died 2 months ( cardiac ) after opening down here--I stayed in Edisto but health is going to drive me back to Columbia. ( no Medical, if needed here --am in planning stage and must get this damn log home clean before selling)...He and Phillip Bardin were buddies--along with John Windham. I miss him each day. Nor sure why I felt the need to tell you this, but I did. Fondly, Henny

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